Dr. Akaki Tsilosani in Armenia

Experience world-class Hair Transplant in Armenia, a globally recognized destination for specialized hair restoration treatments. Advanced techniques, experienced surgeons, and top-notch facilities position Armenia as the go-to place for battling hair loss. Benefit from cutting-edge FUE and FUT procedures, promoting natural and lasting results with minimal recovery time. Armenia, where affordability meets unmatched quality in hair transplantation! Rediscover confidence with a fuller head of hair. Choose Armenia – the hidden gem in hair transplant solutions.

Hair transplant since 2000

Over 22 years of experience across the world, with over 12.000 successful operations

International Certification & Acknowledgement

Fellow of ISHRS, World FUE Institute, UHRS, AAAM, with 6 inventions in hair transplantation

World Class Hair Transplant

Natural-looking, impressive results, with All-inclusive packages. 5.0/5.0 ranking from over 100 customers

Elevating Hair Transplants in Armenia

Located in the picturesque heart of Armenia is Akaki Tsilosani Hair Transplant VIP and Premium Clinic – a high-end destination renowned for its successful outcomes in hair transplantation. From the scalp to beards, eyebrows and beyond, patients receive bespoke treatment strategies from a globally respected expert, Dr. Akaki Tsilosani.

Revolutionary Hair Transplant Procedures in Armenia

In the practice of reversing hair thinning or baldness, this esteemed Armenian clinic capitalizes on innovative strategies. Procedures like FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) are leading contributors to the clinic’s reputation of excellence. Each procedure is customized, according to the unique needs of the patient, ensuring extraordinary results.

World-Class Service and Expertise

At Akaki Tsilosani Hair Transplant VIP and Premium Clinic, each patient is treated with utmost attention and confidentiality. What sets this clinic apart is not only the high standard of our techniques but also our dedication to providing an exceptional experience. Our specialized team, led by Dr. Tsilosani, focuses on delivering incredible transformations with a personable, comfortable, luxurious environment.

An International Reputation in Armenia

With its cutting-edge techniques, personalized approach and outstanding patient care, Akaki Tsilosani Hair Transplant VIP and Premium Clinic has become a leading choice for those considering hair transplant procedures not only in Armenia, but throughout the world.

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World Class VIP Clinic in Armenia

We deliver natural-looking results, with cost-effective pricing and satisfaction guarantee. Take a look at our Before/After Results to see the how delighted our  patients  are from all around the world.

22+ Years of Experience

With 12.000+ successful operations worldwide

21.000.000 Grafts Transplanted

With FUE, FUT, LHT, BHT and additional methods

Worldwide Acknowledgement

Dr. Tsilosani is fellow of ISHRS and author of 32 scientific works

450+ Doctors Trained

We have over 450 graduates of hair transplantation professionals